EAR Audiology, which was named Best Audiologist in the 2011 San Diego Union-Tribune Readers' Poll, provides products to improve the quality-of-life of people suffering from hearing disorders. We are no longer seeing patients as of May 30, 2015. Products included:

Oticon Delta

  1. Hearing aids and accessories
  2. Assistive devices
  3. Tinnitus maskers and sound therapy devices
  4. Custom earplugs and earpieces

Hearing Aids and Accessories

EAR Audiology is no longer selling hearing aids.

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Assistive Devices

Oticon Epoq and Streamer

Sometimes hearing aids are not enough. EAR Audiology can provide other assistive devices like personal FM systems and amplifiers to facilitate communicating in noise, in quiet, and on the phone. Other devices are available for listening to television or in meetings. Some people may also benefit from devices that alert to alarms or emergency signals. EAR Audiology is a dealer for Harris Communications.

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Tinnitus Maskers and Sound Therapy Devices

EAR Audiology is no longer selling tinnitus maskers or sound therapy devices.

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Custom Earplugs and Earpieces

Westone Musician's Earplugs

EAR Audiology is no longer selling earplugs or earpieces.

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